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Pricing Guidelines

Pricing is as follows: (subject to adjustment depending on the intricacy of the project, but as a general rule most commissions fall within this price range. Pictures come in 9x12 sized Bristol pages. I typically travel with my work, and generally do not work in alternative sizes, but for an up-charge, I will draw a piece larger or offer a size appropriate print accompanied with the original work to fit the size of your preference.

Headshot or pet portrait:


Added heads/pets will decrease the price by $10 a head/pet (i.e. 2 heads/pets in one picture will cost $140 instead of $160)


(one head from shoulders up or full body/head of pet) $80.


An additional $5 will be deducted for more than 5 heads/pets in one piece.


Full body: (entire form or waist up) is $100. Same decrease in price of $10 will apply as listed for a headshot for multiple subjects within a picture.


I do not judge and have no qualms drawing adult nude subjects.

Benedict Cumberbatch.jpg


Simple (i.e. sitting in a chair, lightly embellished backdrop like steps, drapery, pillars, potted plants, or an added prop) will be an additional $20.


Moderate: (i.e. several simple objects within the background, brickwork, pattern designs on furniture, distant mountain with trees with added prop) will be an added $40.


These two are examples of commissions that would total $120.


These two are examples of commissions that total $140.


Complex: Several intricate items within the background/outfits i.e highly detailed designs, tiny cubed tiling, elaborate objects that take time to detail like a vehicle, carved statue, etc) will be an added $100.


These are examples of commissions that total $200.

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